Shaun Week Day 7 – Dig Deeper

Again, you know I’m late uploading this post but I completed Day 7 of Shaun week last Sunday, June 3, 2018. I woke up early to make sure it was done prior to going to church.

For this work out, Shaun says “dig deep is something that should be in your soul so that you can create greatness.” Shaun T doesn’t require any external equipment, just your body weight. The workout is 27 minutes long.

But it’s day 7, so this should be a relaxing workout to round out the week, right? Shaun T did not get the memo. If I’m honest, I did not want to do this workout. I wanted this to be a rest day, per usual, but because I am holding myself accountable and I know you all will check me for missing the last day, I pushed through.

Shaun starts us off with the same warm up that we are used to at this point. Then we move on to 14 exercises that last for 60 seconds each. While this sounds like it should be simple, if you’ve ever worked out with Shaun T, you know that’s nothing is as easy as it appears.

After the warm-up, you get the only water break in the entire workout. The 14 1-minute exercises are: hop attack (a hopping squat with his open hand attack slap),speed agility x jump with a squat, stance jump, Heisman kick hold, the recovery move is a scissor power knee, running spider lunge with elbow twist (jumping into a plank then stand up in a lunge and twist your core) – this is HARD, air runners – jumping and splitting the legs in the air, jack knee (jumping jack and then lift one knee to your chest), throw away rotational jumps – these are my least favorite and I typically modify this one by stepping over and rotating my arms, burpee diamond jumps – I cannot do the diamond jump, so I just do a regular suicide jump, burpee into a side to side hop squat, moving heisman jack – moving forward and back – 2 up and 2 back, then pencil squat – a deep squat with a hop and scissor leg .. because I’m flicted and can’t do the scissor leg, I just do a jump there, push up jack cross knee twist, then the final move, hold the plank and knee cross.

When Shaun is finished digging us a deep as he can, he yells out

Image result for shaun t come on y'all let's go

If you’ve ever done a Shaun T workout, you know how much of a boost this give you. To have this at the end of a hard week was definitely a treat. Then he gives us a motivational speech before sending us off with the cool down.

My stats: 27:53 minutes, 221 active calories, 264 total calories, and an average heart rate of 145 BPM.

Here is my before and after, not much change, but I did not stick to the diet like I should have. I actually think I look worse in the second picture but I guess that should be expected since you cannot out work your diet. Nonetheless, am committed to doing the diet in the June challenge though and I want you all to hold me accountable.

I will do Shaun week again with the calendar he has that mixes up all of his workouts at some point after I’ve completed the June Challenge – Lose the Gut Keep The Butt.

Y’all tell me which beach body workout you think I should try next. I’m looking forward to Lift 4 but since I’m on a budget, I will not be purchasing the advance version on the 11th when the free version – with beach body on demand – is available in October.

Until next time, journey on!



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