Shaun Week Day 6 – Speed 4.0

I know, I know, I am super late but I promise I did the workout during the week and I just wanted to come back and make sure you all had a complete run down of the whole Shaun week.

Listen. LISTEN!!!

Image result for listen linda gifThis was my favorite workout of the week. I believe it was because I really enjoy the fast pace of insanity or T25 and this was just like T25. It was hard as all get out, but I loved it. Let me just tell you though, you will be doing burpees for days! DAYS.

Shaun T’s quote for the day is “we are going to hit it today and move through this.” He told no lies! Your equipment for this workout is your body, which is great! The workout doesn’t start the same as the others with the regular warm up. This one goes straight into the workout, which I didn’t realize until round 2 of the first circuit – ha!. Beachbody says that this workout is about 31 minutes long.

The music in this workout is probably why I loved it so much. Like T25 speed workouts, there are 2 segments to the workout. The first segment is the first 1/3 of the video. You do the exercises there for 3 rounds, shortening the duration of the exercise with each round and moving faster each round as well. There are 8 exercises in total for this portion of the video. The first segment is standing and consists of uppercuts, then faster and dance like upper cuts, then hop hop throw, then the speed and stability exercise from T25 – up right center out, low switch kicks, high switch kicks, double hop squat into 4 switch lunges, 1-2-3 clap under knee, and slow mountain climber, then repeat and repeat again!

There is no break and you move right into the 2nd segment. This is where you learn that you will be doing a boat load of burpees. I do. not. like. burpees. This segment consists of burpee into a plank walk and jump back up, burpee into a plank punch, burpee into a hopping jack move, burpee into a high knee jab, then like an abductor foot touch, lateral hop squats, then a burpee into 3 in and out abs with a suicide. Then reapeat, and repeat again. I told you a boat load of burpees.

This is where the FIRST break comes in. The. first. break. I mean seriously Shaun. We have almost done the entire video and now there’s a break? There is a short break before we move on to the second segment. There are 4 circuits to the workout with the first 2 circuits consisting of 8 exercises that you do for 15 – 30 seconds and do 3 rounds per circuit.

Finally, the last circuit consists of putting together both segments and repeating it twice. This is probably the hardest workout in the week but I loved it, except for the burpees.

My stats: 28:07 minutes, 191 calories burned, 234 active calories, with an average heart rate of 140BPM. My watch must have been broken because I know I burned more calories than that. I mean, that is ridiculous for the effort I put in. Yeah, we’re going to go with that.

Until next time, journey on!


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