Shaun Week Day 5 – Ripsanity

Let me start this post off by saying that this is my least favorite of all of the workouts. I did not like this workout not one bit.

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This is one of the longest videos of the program. It is about 41 minutes long. Shaun T starts off with the quote “I’m about to burn your muscles and bring fire to your life.” He suggests that you have a mat and a few sets of dumbbells. I only used the 10 pound set of dumbbells and I used the area rug in the space I was working out in.

Like the other workouts, it starts with the same warm up exercises to get your blood flowing and heart rate up. This workout is very similar to the pyramids in the insane weights workout.

My body type is one that requires low weight with high reps. This workout is definitely a high rep workout, so I used a low weight the entire time even though Shaun suggests that you alternate the weights.

The first circuit starts with 7 reps of curl twist into a plank with alternating toe taps and jump back up. There’s a short break here. Then you do 7 reps of curl twist into a squat row; jump back into a plank with alternating toe taps and do one push up jack and then stand up. Again, short break. Then another 7 reps of curl twist, squat row, into a plank with alternating toe tap, walking ski ab on both legs, two push up jacks, two in and out abs, then stand up.

The next circuit starts with 7 reps of lunge push press, then squat, then lunge push press, then squat again. Short break. The next exercise is lunge with two push presses, two squat pulses, two lunge push presses, and two squat pulses. Short break, then lunge with 14 push presses on one leg, 14 squat pulses, then alternate legs for 14 more lunge push presses, then 14 squat pulses. Short break.

The third circuit is  just a bunch of push ups basically and I can’t do a decent push up to save my life. You start with weighted hip ups with a twist for 7 reps. Then 12 slow push ups, then 12 fast push ups on your knees. I modified by doing knee push ups the first round and then holding a plank the second time. Next hold the hip up and do 15 curl presses. Then 10 slow push ups, and 10 fast knee push ups on your knees. I again modified. The final round is a hip up with one leg raised and 6 presses, and then alternate the other leg. then 8 slow push ups and 8 fast push ups on knees. I modified again.

The final circuit starts with an abductor squat with 7 hammer curls, then into 12 upright rows, 12 hip flys with an abductor squat. Same thing for the next set but 10 reps. The final set calls for 8 reps.

The workout ends with an insanity workout warm-up. Shaun has lost his mind.


My stats for the workout were: 42:40 minutes; 245 calories burned, 309 active calories, 122 average heart rate.

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