Shaun Week Day 4 – 25 Abs

I hate ab workouts!!!! Let me say it again for those in the back that didn’t hear me the first time. I. HATE. AB. WORKOUTS. I suffer from diastasis recti and there is a gap between my muscles. I hate doing ab workouts because I haven’t found one yet that doesn’t make it worse. I can fit 4 fingertips in the space.

However, because this is a workout within the week, I did it. Shaun starts by telling us “everything comes from the core of who you are.” This workout is 28 minutes long, including the warm up and cool down. The only thing you will need is a mat. I did not have a mat and didn’t want to buy one, so I used the area rug in the room I was in. The warm up is the same as the other workouts and then the ab routine.

The ab routine consists of 15 exercises that are done on the floor with the last exercise being done a few different ways. Shaun mixes up planks, supermans, and, and some regular crunches, along with the V-sit.

This workout didn’t really give me the burn that I thought it would but I guess it served its purpose for the week.

My stats are: 28:21 minutes, 168 calories burned, 211 total calories. average heart rate was 116BPM.

until next time, journey on!



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