Shaun Week Day 3 – Insane Weights

Yesterday was day 3 of Shaun Week. This workout was entitled Insane Weights. I have previously done Shaun T’s Focus T25 through the gamma phase, but this was slightly different. This was insanity with weights. The workout began with the same warm-up as the others with the same intensity level. This workout is approximately 33 minutes which includes the warm up and cool down. It also requires that we have 2 sets of weights. I own a set of power block 50s and I used just the base, which is 10 pounds for the entire workout, so I think  you can get away with 1 set.

There are 3 rounds of circuit like exercises. Circuit 1 has 5 exercises in it.  These are compound exercises that work the entire body at the same time. Each exercise is about 30 seconds and there are 3 rounds of the exercises in each circuit. The 1st exercise is a hammer curl with a squat. You’re alternating sides for the squats. You then move into a weighted row hit the floor, then to a plank into squat (still holding the weights), plank into a tricep push up and stand tall, finally into a jumping jack with a knee to chest.

Circuit 2 consists of push press straight leg kick (pushing the weight over your head while alternating kicking your legs), bicep curls with an alternating knee, elbow wide fly, calf and bicep combination (with weight behind your head, lifting onto your calves), and throw away rotational jumps.

The final circuit is different. It is a build up that Shaun T calls a pyramid. You start with 1 rep and work up to 7 reps of each exercise. This circuit includes abductor squat with a fly, hammer curls, frog jumps with  a close grip raise, push-up jack hammer hip fly, Heisman hop kick. There is no repeating of any of the exercises.

Finally, you get to the cool down. Shaun’s quote for this workout is “Strength is not in the dumbbells, it’s in your body. How far can you go? How hard can you push? How bad do you want it?”

My stats for the workout were: 33:52 minutes, 209 active calories burned, 260 total calories; average heart rate of 128 BPM.

Until next time, journey on!

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