Shaun Week Day 1 – Insane Basics

After I came back from my vacation and after eating everything the resort had to offer, without guilt I might add, I knew I had to jump back into action. I decided to start with Shaun Week to prepare me to begin Anowa Adjah’s 30 day Summer Snatch Series – Lose The Gut Keep The Butt Challenge. It is said that Shaun Week helps to get over a plateau and that’s exactly what I needed.

I got up and opened my computer to begin Day 1. I tried to do this before but decided that it was too slow paced for me based on the warm up. BABY was I wrong!!!!

The warm up is slow paced but intense nonetheless. It is not a typical insanity warm-up but it gets the body moving. The focus of this workout is to make sure that your form is correct and everything from Day 1 flows from the form. Shaun yells form over speed often. There is a modifier for this video series if you need her.

While the workout isn’t very fast paced, it is a silent but deadly one. It is one that kind of sneaks up on you. When Shaun tells you to pulse or to hold the pose, you begin to understand why he tells you that this is just the beginning. Don’t let the humble start of the program discourage you from jumping right in.

My stats for the workout were as follows: 32:49 minutes; burned 185 active calories; 234 total calories; average heart rate 123BPM. This doesn’t do the workout justice. I went through 2 10z bottles of water in this workout and my thighs were begging for mercy by the end.

Oh well, at least day 1 is in the books. Until next time, journey on!

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