Shift Shop Transformation Week 2

I apologize because I am a little late on this week’s transformation posting, but it’s here. Week two was different than week one in that the workouts were a little longer, which made for tough evenings when I was just getting home from work. I have never been a fan of evening workouts because I have children and a husband to tend to. Since beginning this workout, I have had to delegate chores to the members of my household to make sure that I could workout and the house wouldn’t fall apart. So that meant, children had to wash dishes and husband had to cook a few more meals – maybe I need to keep doing these evening workouts because my chore list is shortening.

The workouts were challenging and engaging. I really like Chris’ style of coaching. He is similar and different than Shaun T all at the same time. He reminds me of my high school track coach a little. He is pushy but loving at the same time. The modifications are great and the nights were I had to double up on the workouts, I utilized them, with no shame. This is a judgment free zone!

My diet could have been more on point but it wasn’t terrible. I didn’t binge on sweet or anything and while I stayed within my caloric intake count, my macros were off. I need to do a better job of meal prepping. I was eating mostly chicken and veggies but I will admit that having carbs is something I missed in keto and I absolutely loved my potatoes and sweet potatoes over the last two weeks. Also, I wasn’t able to eat pineapple and mango on keto, and I relished in the moments I got to taste those lovely and delicious mouth watering fruit. My water intake was amazing. I met and most days exceeded the goal of 90 ounces of water.

Now, for the reason you all came here. Last week I weighed in at 164. This week, I am 161.6. That means I have lost 2.4 pounds, which isn’t great, but it’s better than nothing. They say the healthy weightless is about 1-2 pounds a week and I am in that range. My measurements last week were: chest – 36″; waist – 36.25″; lower waist – 38.5″; hips – 41.25″; arms – 10.5 each; thighs – 23″ each; neck – 13″. This week, my measurements are: chest – 36.25″; waist – 34.5″; lower waist – 39″; hips – 40.75″; arms – 11″; thighs – 22.5″ each; neck – 13.5″

I cannot explain these measurements because my body looks different, at least to me, than it did a week ago. I am proud of the inches lost but the gains, I’m not sure what that means. Maybe one of you out there who are more versed in this topic can enlighten me. Nevertheless, that is a loss of 1.75″ in my waist and that’s progress.

Here are comparison shots of the transformation from beginning to the end of week 2:

Here, I can see changes in the side roll. It appears that it is getting smaller and the top of my stomach, at least to me, appears to be getting flatter. That kangaroo pouch on the other hand …..

Here, Again I see some change in the side roll. It appears that the indention is getting deeper, and my interpretation of this is that the roll is getting smaller – someone more versed in this topic should chime in here. This is just a woman working out and hoping to see some changes here to validate the work I’ve been putting in.

The change that I see here is …… yeah, I got nothing! The last photo to me seems like it should be the before picture and not the during. However, I am happy with whatever changes there appear to be.

Chime in here and let me know if you see any changes.

Until next time, journey on!

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