Shift Shop Day 9 – Strength:35

Welcome to Day 9 of Shift Shop. That also means it is Day 9 of two a day workouts. I am finding that my appetite is stronger and it’s getting increasingly harder to maintain my macros because of it. On the other hand, I am also finding that my body doesn’t ache as badly as it did last week from the new stresses I am putting on it.

This morning, I breezed through my workout and finished faster than normal. The 15 minute run wasn’t terrible, notwithstanding the big dog that scared the bejesus out of me while running. Today was an arm workout that I did all last week but this week it seemed to go by a bit easier and my arms definitely weren’t as sore as they have been. It almost feels that I am starting to lose some inches as well but I can’t be sure until I measure myself.

Anyway, I finished this morning’s workout with the following stats: 304 active calories and 369 total calories burned in 42:55 minutes with an average heart rate of 136BPM. Not bad for an upper body workout that didn’t contain much cardio. I pray that tonight’s workout isn’t dedicated to arms because I might take back everything I said above.

I did intermittent fasting again today and broke the fast around 11:30 with my usual snack and a cup of whole strawberries and 2 cheese sticks. For lunch I had a 10oz unless burger with mushrooms and Swiss cheese over a Caesar salad without croutons and a little dressing. I also had popcorn for snack and a cup of diced watermelon. It was a late lunch, so it became linner.

After work I rushed to take baby girl to gymnastics. After gymnastics, I rushed home and changed clothes and laced up my sneakers to prepare for the workout. Tonight’s Shift Shop workout was a doozy. It was filled with a different set of exercises, like sumo squat twists, plank flys, bear knees, and things like that. My quads and hamstrings are on fire. All that is needed for this workout is a set of dumbbells. I started with 15 pounds and ended up using 10 pound dumbbells because my arms were tired from earlier. The fly lunges was the one exercise that almost made me lose my religion. I had to put the weights down mid way through. Even Chris had a challenge in keeping up with this workout, so don’t judge me!

I ended the workout after 40:01 minutes and I burned 185 active calories and 245 total calories. My average heart rate was 112BPM. To me, that was a good burn for a strength workout that didn’t have much cardio in it. The most cardio was in the warm up and the lunges we did.

I could still feel the weigh tin my stomach from lunch, so I opted out of dinner. I drank some water instead and showered and went to bed – after doing my motherly duties, of course. I will do a post tomorrow in addition to my Day 10 post to update everyone on my weight loss so far.

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