Shift Shop Day 8 – Speed:35

I was tired from the weekend but I am determined to change my body. So I pushed through the tiredness and started on my workout. I was running behind since i hit snooze a few too many times. I did a quick 10 minute run around the neighborhood and was pleasantly surprised to not run into my neighbor and his dog during the run. I returned home to begin the lifting portion of the workout. This week’s workout is exactly the same as last week, so I just busted it out. I ended the workout after 44:21 minutes, a little shorter than normal because I had to get to work, with a 309 active calorie burn and 376 total calories. I had an average heart rate of 137BPM. I workout outside because I don’t have a whole lot of room in the house to make a workout area and it was super humid outside.

Feeling accomplished because I actually pushed through, I kept control of my portion sizes now that I have changed from a keto lifestyle to more of an IIFYM type of way of eating. I did intermittent fasting and broke my fast around 11:30am with my morning snack of trail mix. Around 1:30 I ate two cheese sticks along with a cup of watermelon. Lunch came around 3:30pm and I had a turkey cobb salad with avocado with 2 tablespoons of Olive Garden dressing along with a cup of diced pineapples.

After picking up my children from aftercare and making a few stops, I finally arrived at home. I immediately changed clothes as to not get distracted. I opened my computer, put on my beats headphones, and got ready to workout. Today’s workout was different than last week. This week’s workout is 35 minutes long followed by a cool down. Chris is a little more aggressive this week as well.

Today’s workout was Speed:35. This workout is a circuit workout. Each grouping of exercises (I can’t tell you what they are now because I was so focused) is done in 2 rounds. The first round of exercises last for 1 minute and then you repeat the circuit and the exercises are now done for 30 seconds. When I tell you my booty is sore! Between my morning squats and Chris making me do so many exercises that worked my gluts, I better have a Serena Williams booty by the end of this.

Then, you move on to the second circuit workout, which again is done in two rounds. Round one is also 1 minute and the second round is 30 seconds. This workout is a fully body workout. There are no weights required. It feels very reminiscent of a basketball workout or a football drill workout I’ve seen my husband put his football players through. Make sure you keep a towel and bottle of water near you. I was drenched in sweat at the end of the workout and finished an entire bottle of water during the workout.

My stats for the workout were as follows: 39:09 minutes; 257 active calories; 315 total calories; average rate – 132BPM. As soon as the workout was completed, I washed my hands and began preparing dinner. I made sweet Italian turkey sausage with sauteed peppers and onions with bow-tie pasta and tomato sauce. I ate 1 whole sausage chopped and 1/2c of cooked bow-tie pasta. It was a really great dinner. I just wish I could have had more of the pasta, but I stuck with the nutrition plan.

I ended the day with having consumed 12 cups of water.

Until next time, journey on!

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