Change Challenge: May 7, 2018

It is the beginning of a new pay period, which means that I have finished the change challenge for the last two weeks. I have counted all of my change and added it to the coin jar at home in hopes of a beautiful Christmas for my children and a wonderfully decorated home with all of the change I have saved so far.

For the last two weeks, like normal, I have used cash to make all of my purchases and have saved the change from those purchases. I have been intentional about saving the change no matter how large the amount. I am dedicated to saving $.98 instead of using $.02 to save some money. If things get tight, I might need to do that, but so far, I’m doing ok.

This past pay period, I saved a whopping $11.76. I am considering doing a shop your pantry challenge so I won’t be spending a whole lot of money on groceries and that might cut into my savings, but as of now, I am full force on the savings train. Maybe I will count the money in the jar and show you all before Christmas where we are with our challenge, but that’s for another post.


Until next time, journey on!

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