How Much Is In My Change Jar?

Over the last six months, I have been following my Easy Savings Challenge and placing all of my coins in a change jar. Everyone in my family contributes to the change jar, including the children. When they make purchases with their allowances, they must put their change into the change jar.

We are intentional about the manner in which we make purchases. I intentionally use bills instead of going into my change pouch for a purchase, in an effort to make sure we are saving our coins throughout the year. The change is building up for Christmas purchases. While I have a sinking fund dedicated to Christmas gifts for our family, this change jar is for the live tree, ornaments, decorations, or whatever else is wanted during the season. It is also there for the after Christmas sales for the next year. Whatever is left goes into the Christmas sinking fund.

Being on a journey to financial freedom, for me, means that we have to be ok with telling other family members outside of our household that we don’t have the funds to purchase gifts for everyone. I had to become ok with saying no. I am the friend, sister, aunt, cousin, that doesn’t like going to anyone’s event empty handed, especially Christmas. However, that sometimes meant I went into debt, using a credit card, to do it. I don’t do this anymore. If I have it to give, I will. If I don’t, I don’t, and I am growing to be ok with that.

This year might be different. I just counted the change in the coin jar and halfway through the year, you will be surprised to see how much is in the jar. Can you guess how much is in there?


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