June Easy Savings Challenge Results

It’s been a while since I have updated you all on my journey to financial freedom. I started telling you all about the Easy Savings Challenge and how I save for items for Christmas for my children.

I continue this challenge every pay period. It is easy to do this challenge when I use the Cash Envelope System because my purchases are paid for with cash, which provides me with coins after the purchase. I am intentional about paying for my purchases with cash and I am intentional about making sure to obtain coins, where I can. I do this because in addition to my sinking fund for Christmas presents for my family, I use the coin jar to purchase the live Christmas tree, ornaments, and other decorations for the house that the children like, or we want.

For June, I wasn’t able to dump all of the coins into the coin jar during the pay period, or document how much I saved, so I just saved all month and documented it now, and I will dump the coins into the jar once I get home.

I have also decided to make a video to document how much is in the coin jar now that we are halfway through the year, but as for June, I have collected $25.17 in coins and will add those to the jar. Not bad!

Until next time, journey on!

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