Shift Shop Day 15 – Speed 45

Listen!!!! It is raining like cats and dogs here in South Florida and we are under tornado watch, so I couldn’t do my normal workout in the morning. Because I purchased beach body on demand, I took to my computer to find a workout. I searched through a bunch of them before I began P90 -30, I think that’s what it is called. Tony Horton’s 30 minute version of P90X.

While this workout isn’t as long, it is still very challenging. It didn’t have a lot of cardio in it so my calorie burn wasn’t high, but man, was it difficult. I started to do Shaun Week but the first workout seemed like it was going to be too slow, so I moved on. I ended the workout with the following stats: the workout lasted for 40:26 minutes, I burned 186 active calories and 247 total calories with an average heart rate of 110BPM. The heart rate is deceiving.

I went about my day and followed along with the meal plan for the day although it was a struggle because this week is no carbs. I did not do intermittent fasting today because I was insatiable this morning. I increased my protein intake throughout the day to make up for the hunger I was feeling and also made sure I took in the right amount of water.

After work and rounding up my children, I made two stops before heading home. By the time we got home it was getting late and almost 8:00pm. I went ahead and did some chores before beginning my workout because I needed to make sure those things were done. I had already called my husband to have him start dinner so that was one last thing I needed to do.

Now, this workout, BABY!!!!!! This workout was no joke.

This was a 45 minute workout, not including the cool down. It consisted of 3 different circuits with 3 rounds each. Each round progressed a little faster, with the first round being 60 seconds (I know it’s a minute but it made me feel better hearing seconds), 45 seconds, and then 30 seconds. We alternated between high intensity high impact work to low intensity, low impact work. It was a complete body workout and the breaks were short too.

If you ever felt that the workouts were not challenging enough, week 3 starts with a banger! Chris went for it with this one. I know that my body is going to be paying for this tomorrow. I finished the workout in 50:58 minutes and burned 304 active calories and 380 total calories with an average heart rate of 126BPM. I think my apple watch is broken because I was definitely struggling to breath, so I know my heart rate had to be higher than that for most of the workout.

After it was all said and done, I ate dinner, showered, folded my clothes from my laundry day and headed to bed to do it all again tomorrow.

Until next time, journey on!

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