Final Insanity Workout Results – Women Do Insanity Too!!!

If you’ve been following me for a little while, then you know that my journey to lose weight has been a frustrating one to say the least. Since finding out that I am insulin resistant and that it will take forever and a day to lose a pound, I have had to remind myself daily that I still have to do right if I want to see changes. With that in mind, I went back to a tried and true program – Insanity.

If you know me, then you also know that I love Shaun T. I need his energy when I’m working out. He gives me so much encouragement through my screen. He yells at me and seems to know when I’m not dong right in different stages of the workout.

I ran track during high school and college, so I need a program that challenges me in that way. I love that his workouts vary in length based on the phase in which you’re working on. I roll out of bed, go into my bathroom and put my workout clothes on. I pull out my computer and get ready to join Shaun T and the crew on the day’s workout.

What I like?

I love that I can do this program and I don’t need any weights. I love that it uses my own body weight for strength training. I’m cheap, so not having to pay for another element with the program is a plus for me. I love Shaun T’s personality. He has the right amount of passion with a hint of coolness.

What I don’t like?

I did not like that there are a limited number of workouts. There are a total of 9 actual workouts, plus the fit test and the recovery workout. While the routines rotate daily, they’re basically the same for the duration of each phase of the program. I got tired of them quickly, but I kept pushing through because I knew the results would be great. I also did not like that the workouts increased in duration. The first month of the program saw 40 minute workouts, while the second month had a whopping 55 minute workout. This was an issue for me because I work out in the mornings before work and before I wake everyone else up. This meant that when the alarm went off, I couldn’t snooze to get an extra 5 minutes. I had to get up and get up on time – I guess that was a good thing, because we were early to school and work on those days.

The results – keep in mind that I have insulin resistance, which means I don’t lose weight as easily as others. That being said, I’m extremely happy about my results. I did not take measurements this time with this program, but the changes are noticeable. What was deceiving was the number on the scale. I started at 160.4 and ended at 160.4; however, by looking at the photos, you’d think I weighed less in the after picture. Now, transparent moment – while I am extremely excited that I look better, I want to lose weight as well. I understand that inches are more important than weight; however, I can’t see how I can get to the size I want to be without actually losing pounds.


One Reply to “Final Insanity Workout Results – Women Do Insanity Too!!!”

  1. I love the Insanity programme! It is awesome 😀 Shaun T is some sort of enthusiasm/motivation wizard! One of the few of this type of instructor who doesn’t annoy me!

    I have insanity max 30 too which is also brilliant!

    I normally don’t like the repetitiveness of this sort of workout, but I think my brain wipes out all memory of previous times I have done it…


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