Shift Shop – Day 2 – Strength:25

Ok, I woke up this morning feeling like maybe this wasn’t such a great idea to commit myself to doing two-a-day workouts and documenting it for the world to see. My body aches, my legs feel like I walked up and down stadium stairs with cement boots on all night.

I made a commitment and I am willing to see this through because I have a bathing suit to fit into for my anniversary. I woke up this morning and completed by morning workout. It took me 51:22 minutes and I burned 353 active calories; total calories 430 with an average heart rate of 133BPM. In this workout, I ran for 15 minutes, and then followed that up with a HIIT circuit arm workout consisting of seated rows (15/12/10/8 reps with 10 bicep curls in between); 3 rounds of lat pulls (overhand wide grip – 15 reps; and underhand close grip – 15 reps); standing dumbbell rows (15/12/10/8/10/12/15 reps – start light and increase weight as the reps decrease). Then after the lifting came the ab circuit: 3 rounds of 30 seconds mountain climbers & 30 seconds bicycle abs; 3 rounds of 15 crunches and 15 oblique crunches on each side; 3 rounds of standing dumbbell side bends and overhead dumbbell side bends with 15 pound weights; lastly, 3 rounds of 30 seconds of Russian twists with a 5lb medicine ball.

After my workout, I showered and dressed for work and went about my day. I was at training and they fed us lunch, so I did my best to follow the meal plan with what was offered. Breakfast was a 2 egg veggie omelet with extra spinach and a little cheese with 3 pieces of bacon and a cup and a half of cantaloupe. Lunch ended up being a chicken breast with spinach Alfredo sauce with 1.5 cups of summer squash with zucchini and a little Caesar salad with no croutons. I wasn’t able to calculate the containers, but I think I’m within them. Based on myfitnesspal, I am still within my caloric intake.

Now, for the Shift Shop workout. Today’s workout is Strength:25. Beachbody on demand says that the required equipment is a set of weights. This workout consists of 15 1-minute exercises that alternate between using light weights – I alternated between 10 and 15 pounds – and floor exercises, like push ups and planks. Although I didn’t get a high calorie burn or get my heart rate super high, I definitely felt the burn, especially with the sumo squats. The workout lasted for 30:20 minutes and I burned 157 active calories, 202 total calories with an average heart rate of 116BPM.

To end the night, I went to see a movie and ate a little bit of popcorn, about the size of the nacho container. I estimate that I ate about 3.5 cups of popcorn, so I am certain that I am slightly over the carb count. I will do better tomorrow since I’m headed back home, so there is little to no chance I will cheat tomorrow.

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