Shift Shop – Day 1 – Speed:25

After failing at getting myself back into shape over the last few months, partly due to an injury and partly due to a return to binge eating, I have decided to start back on the journey to peace with my physical appearance. I spoke to a friend who did this beach bodyprogram, and I decided to give it a try.

I started a workout plan two weeks ago that I do in the morning and I vowed to begin doing Shift Shop in the evenings so that I could look like somebody during my vacation at the end of May, rather than the two people I look like now. So, I embarked on the journey and began Shift Shop.

What is Shift Shop? It is a Beachbody program that is run by Coach Chris Downing. It is a 3 week program that is said to change your physique, if you follow the meal plan and the workouts. The website says “after completing your 3-week Rapid Rebuild, your body will be ready to take on exciting new challenges. Each week, Chris will gradually ramp up to the duration and intensity of your workouts, to maximize your results in the Shop.” The workouts in week 1 are 25 minutes, increase to 35 minutes in week 2, and finally in week 3, they are 45 minutes long. This, I can do!!!! My morning workout is 45-60 minutes (I purchased a program from an online trainer, so it includes a bit of cardio and weight lifting), so this little time in the evening, is doable.

I began by calculating my caloric intake for the day using Chris’ nutrition plan. Based on his chart, I ended up with 0 points – I am a female, currently weighing 168 pounds, and am 5’2″. With a score of 0 points, I fall in Plan A – 1,200-1,499 calories to intake. The meal plan reminds me of the meal plan on 21 Day Fix. It tells you how much of each colored container you are allowed to eat. I have included the allotment for my plan below.


Nutrition for Plan A

Now that I know what is required of me to eat and how many calories I am allowed and the types of food I am allowed, I started out on the program. The calendar is friendly and looks like something I can handle and something I can stick to; so here goes!


Day 1 – Speed:25

This workout totaled about 30 minutes after the cool down. It wasn’t terrible but I did feel it. The workout consisted of several 1 minute exercises that focused a lot on legs. Since I had done lifting on my legs in the morning, this was painful for me. I am a former track runner and basketball player, so a lot of the exercises reminded me of drills I would do for those sports.

Chris says that you need the beachbody markers but I just used a towel to mark my spot to assist with the different stations we were doing in the workout. The workout consisted of skip jumps, side shuffles, burpees, crab walks, mountain climbers, skip hops, and things like that. There is a modifier in the video, so if you have bad knees or other issues, you are able to modify the workout to suit your level.

When the workout was done, I was drenched. It went slow enough for Chris to explain and demonstrate the exercises, but when it was time to work, the 1 minute felt like 5!!! I wore my apple watch during the workout and inputted it into myfitnesspal. My watch said that the workout was 30:14 long and I burned a total of 268 calories with 223 of those being active calories. I only count the active calories in myfitnesspal, so that it what I logged.

I will follow up with you all tomorrow to see how Day 2 goes. Until then, journey on!!!

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