Day 5 – Shift Shop:Strength 25, Shift Core, & Speed:25

Yessssss!!!! You read that right. I have to do all of that today. You all know that last night I made an unplanned trip to the emergency room with my oldest daughter and didn’t make it home until 11:30pm. So, you know I wasn’t working out last night with me having to get up at 4:45 this morning to get my morning workout in before work!


The alarm went off and I was angry. I staggered out of the bed and was sluggish. I was so tired. I pushed myself to get through the workout no matter what it took. I moved a bit slower than normal, but I was moving. Today, I did a 10 minute run followed by the leg workout for today. 15/12/10/8 jump squats holding 10 pound weights with 30/30/45/45 reps of mountain climbers in between. The workout then called for a circuit of high knees, mountain climbers, and crunches to be done in increments of 15, 30, 45, 30, 15 seconds. The next circuit called for me to do deep squats with wights. I was to increase the weight as the reps decreased (12/10/8/6/8/10/12). The last circuit was 15 reps of sumo squats with 20 pound weights; 15 reverse lunges per leg with 10 pound weights, and 15 crunches. The workout ended with an ab circuit. I completed the workout in 53:07 minutes and burned 381 active calories (461 total calories) with an average heart rate of 140BPM.

Because I got home so late from the hospital I didn’t get a chance to eat dinner, so I was ravenous this morning. I managed to stick with the meal recommendations though and ate a packet of Quaker Reduced Sugar Maple Oatmeal with 1 tablespoon of Kerrygold unsalted butter and 1 truvia sweetener packet. For snack, I had a 1/2 cup of trail mix (Walmart brand tropical fruit and nut and Indulgent mix). Lunch was a salad bowl from Chipotle (chicken, lettuce, corn, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, fajita peppers, with a side of white rice – it’s about 1/4 cup of rice). I don’t think I should have eaten all of the bowl. It was a great idea halfway through, but towards the end of the bowl, I started to feel like I had made a huge mistake. It was delicious but my stomach was stuffed!!! I felt like I would normally feel after my first round at Thanksgiving Dinner.

I had to get my mind right all day for the hour workout that was to come after work, as opposed to the half hour workout I had been barely making it through. I went home after work, changed my clothes and went right into it so I wouldn’t get distracted. I cannot afford to miss a workout because this gut is not playing with me! My mind is stronger than my body because my body said “girl go sit down somewhere!” Nevertheless, I pushed through and did more of the modified moves than I’ve done since beginning the program. It’s ok! Chris says try before you modify. I tried. I modified. Modifying is better than doing nothing at all; right?

My stats for tonight’s workout are 339 active calories (452 total calories) burned in 1 hour 15 minutes and 21 seconds with an average heart rate of 109BPM. The breakdown is as follows: 149 calories burned doing Strength:25; 150 calories burned doing Speed:25, and 40 calories burned doing Shift Core. Shift Core is a little shy of 13 minutes of pure ab work. There is no warm up and no cool down. Chris goes from introducing the video, maybe a few seconds, straight into the ab exercises. The majority of the exercises are not too difficult, but after the night and day I had, it was tough.


I made it through. I ended up eating half a bag of popcorn and a Bryers No Sugar Added Chocolate covered vanilla bar for dinner while watching a movies with my babies and my husband. Now, I must get back to them.

Until next time, journey on!

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