Day 4 – Shift Shop: Strength:25 and Shift Core

Waking up in the morning is starting to get a little easier. I am waking with less pain as the days progress. I also didn’t have to drag myself out of bed this morning to get started on my workout. My bed is super comfortable… but that’s for another blog post.

This morning, I rose at the sound of my alarm without the normal feelings of resentment for trying to get myself back together. I got dressed quickly and headed out of the door for my workout. I did a 15 minute jog around my neighborhood, complete with my daily near death experience, which consists of me jumping out of my skin at the sight of my neighbor’s dog (I have a terrible fear of dogs) and proceeded home to complete the lifting portion of the workout.

My arms are sore from the workouts that I’ve done this week. The seated rows hurt the most. I felt like I could literally feel the muscle getting bigger/stronger, with each row. I muscled through the remainder of the lifting – pun intended and finished feeling like Popeye after he’s eaten spinach. I burned 327 active calories (402 total calories) in 50:01 minutes with an average hear rate of 132 BPM. This is a very good burn considering the fact that I did arms, which is a smaller muscle group.

I did intermittent fasting today and didn’t break my fast until around 12. I broke the fast by eating 1/2 cup of trail mix (Walmart Indulgent and Walmart Tropical Fruit and Nut). I ate lunch around 3pm. Lunch was the Fuji apple salad from Panera Bread with the salad dressing and a small apple instead of the bread.

I took an unplanned trip to the emergency room with my daughter this evening due to abdominal pains and that I thought would only delay my workout. You read delay, because I am committed to the plan for the next month. But, unfortunately, after leaving the hospital at 11pm and not getting home until 11:30pm, I was not able to complete the workout because I wake up at 4:45 to workout before work. So, what that means for me is that I will have to double up tomorrow evening, which means I will have to do Strength:25, Shift Core, and Speed:25. Y’all pray my strength in the Lord!!!

Until next time, journey on!


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