Sephora Spring 2019 VIB Sale Guide – A Little Reminder

We have been waiting for a long time for this sale. We have been counting the days until Sephora announced the dates for the sale. We have anxiously contemplated what we were going to buy. It feels like preparation for Black Friday. Ok, maybe it’s just me.

I found myself becoming so excited that I almost fell back into bad habits and had to remind myself of a few things. I thought, if I, a seasoned budgeter (I know I made up a word), had to remind myself of the consequences of this sale, maybe others need a reminder too, so here it is ….

  1. If you are an insider, you’re only saving 10%, which isseason 13 dont get too excited buddy GIF by America's Got Talent just a little more than taxes, depending on where you live. If you are VIB, like me, then it’s 15% and 20% for Rouge members. This discount, if I’m honest, is not a whole lot. It’s not worth losing your mind over.
  2. The sale will come again. Sephora typically has this sale twice a year, once in Spring and another in Fall – likely November. If you cannot afford the items you want now, wait until November to purchase.
  3. Shop around. We shop around for a lot of things but with makeup, I think we, maybe just I, forgot that we caGIF by Nu Skinn get our products from more than just Sephora and Ulta. I found that when I shopped around, I could actually get better sales at other retailers, mostly the brand’s direct website.
  4. Stay within your budget. Set your budget. Go in knowing what you have to spend and only spend that. Do not go over your budget now for a want and it have a possible consequence on a need later down the line.clap GIF
  5. Do not put this on a credit card, without means to pay the entire balance off.
  6. With the above in mind, if you shop online, you will get free samples with your purchase and might, I say might because ebates is up on game, get cashback with the purchase using ebates. If you are not a member of ebates, you can use this affiliate link to sign up,

I filmed a video with a few more tips and a storytime of my experience preparing for the VIB sale. Take a look and tell me if this is a reminder that you needed as well.

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