Letting Go And Moving On

By now, I am sure you all have seen the captivating photo of Beyonce and LeToya Luckett hugging backstage at Beyonce’s concert. Most sources are talking about whether a reunion tour that features the original members of the group Destiny’s Child will happen. However, most sources are missing the power of this photo and what it represents. This photo represents sisterhood. Forgiveness. Strength. Love. And letting go and moving on.

What we know is LeToya was an original member of the group Destiny’s Child and she was no longer in the group after 1999/2000 based on an alleged contract issue between she, LeTavia Robinson, and Matthew Knowles. We know of the reports that there was a settlement of a lawsuit where she and Robinson agreed to a substantial amount of money, although significantly less than the value the group later commanded. But that is all the business stuff. We know a lot more about them than that.

We know that they grew up together, almost like sisters. We know that they worked together and spent a great majority of their time with each other as children and young adults. They established bonds with one another. Bonds that aren’t easily broken simply because one leaves the group, or the manner in which they depart. If you have a sibling, then you know that things aren’t always pretty. You argue; fuss; fight – sometimes physically and verbally. But, you learn to make up as well. You learn that your sibling is and will always be a supporter. You learn that family is your core and it’s where your values are taught; where your morals are learned; where your strength comes from.

Looking at the embrace of Beyonce and LeToya, you can clearly see that they are finding their way back to sisterhood. They are displaying the epitome of sisterhood in one embrace. They are showing what it means to fight, not speak for a while, have a bunch of folks talking trash in your ear about the other – possibly believing it and participating in it as well, but understanding that there is a unique bond that they share that is stronger than all of that. This is what it looks like when sisters who have taken a step away from each other find their way back to one another. The ease in which Beyonce rests on LeToya says, “Sis, I’m so glad you’re here.” The way that LeToya allows her to touch on her belly and be in her presence in the most vulnerable and precious time of her life says “Sis, I see you; I trust your spirit.”

This photo embodies forgiveness. The embrace allows for each other to apologize, without ever saying a word. It allows the both of them to feel the other’s spirit and listen with their hearts. It allows them to heal in the arms of the other. There is something about the warm, loving embrace of a sister that makes you feel at home. It makes your troubles melt away. My sister’s got my back and I’m safe. Without saying a word, that we know of, they have each said “I’m sorry and I forgive you.” While this might not completely mend things and a verbal apology and a full on conversation may still be needed to feel whole, this definitely screams Girl, I forgive you.

This represents strength and love in the face of years of speculation about the feelings LeToya had/has about Beyonce would have you believing that they hate one another. That they couldn’t stand to be in the room with each other. This says, LeToya has the strength to be her own woman. Irrespective of what “people say” and the “girl, if that were mes” that have been thrown at her, she said, in this moment, this is about me. This is about my friend. This is about my sister. I support my sister. I love my sister and I am here to see her win. This is silent strength. This strength says “As for me and mine, I love my sister, no matter what you may want me to think about her.”

Most importantly, this photo shows two grown women letting go and moving on. This shows women in new phases of their lives moving forward and letting go of the past. Walking into their best selves and doing it together. This shows growth and maturity and personifies all of what sisterhood means in one photo. There are times we fuss and fight with our sister friends that lead us to not speaking for a while, but when we put all the bull and pettiness aside, we are left with the foundation. While the hurt still might be there, the growth in us knows how to speak on it and forgive. Once we speak about it and forgive one another, we can let go and move on. When we let go and move on, we can see the beauty in each other. We can root for each other. We can genuinely support the other. Want greater for the other. This is what real friendship looks like. It’s been built, tested, bent dangon near to the breaking point, but has reshaped itself, even if there are still a few bumps. “We fly, why cry, our souls exposed, yeah; We smoke, we laugh, your stress, my stress; Closer than kin, I’m blessed, you blessed.”

I am here for this!







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