Hype or Nah? Melanin Haircare| Twists on a 4b Girl and Her Mama

Unless you have been living under a rock or have no involvement whatsoever with the natural hair community, then you know that Whitney White better known as Naptural85 created a natural haircare line with her sister. The pair created the products after 6 years of testing and working with different companies to get it just right.

Whitney posted a video debuting the products on her YouTube channel, that boasts more than 1 million subscribers and on her Instagram page. Fan girls were told that we could begin to pre-order the products in November and they would begin shipping late January 2019. I don’t know if she was ready for the avalanche of orders she was about to receive. But everyone and their mama’s started ordering the product.

Now, before you grab your wallet to head over and purchase the products from their website, , know that it’s going to cost you a pretty penny, but is it worth it?

MelaninWebsite_TwistCream_20mxThe twist elongating styling cream is $16.99 for 16 oz of product. First, most products come in an 8 or 12 oz container, for $9.99 – $15.99, so you’re getting more for your money. You’re paying roughly $1 per ounce. Second, the packaging is beautiful. Third, you actually get 16 ounces of product. Let me say it again for the folks in the back – you get a full 16 oz of product; not just a container with product and a gap between the product and the lid. This product is filled to the brim. Fourth, a little goes a LONG way. The instructions state that you can use a much or as little as you would like. You can build it to your liking.

The website describes the product as lightweight and states it is “designed to instantly hydrate and seal the moisture into your hair, making it more manageable, while also helping to reduce knots!” It is said to be an elongating cream; however, I did not see an elongation when I applied it to my daughter’s hair . I intentionally did not stretch it in order to lengthen her twists, I wanted to test the product on its own regarding its claims of elongation.

img_4440 As you can see, her twists are not very elongated. Her hair reaches to where her bra strap would be, if she were old enough for it; however, her twists shrink to shoulder length. In order to get a little more length, I used the banding method to stretch the ponytail.


After stretching her hair overnight using the banding method, she was able to fake a little more length. Next time, I will use a gel underneath to encourage elongation along with the cream.

images (1)After I used the twist elongating styling cream, I sealed in all that moisture with the multi-use pure oil blend. This is said to be a non-greasy, lightweight formula. Whitney says “these oils were specifically curated because of their ability to penetrate the hair shaft in order to nourish and rebuild, while also locking in that precious moisture for hydration longevity.”

This oil has a light scent and smells reminiscent of Miche Beauty’s Polished hair and scalp oil. The oil retails for $17.99 for 8 fluid oz. The price is a bit steep; however, the price is better per ounce than the Miche Beauty, which is my favorite oil combo thus far. Miche Beauty’s oil is $12.99 for 4oz. The oil can be used on your hair, scalp, and body. I would recommend getting a few of each.

Are you ready to go and run and get your products? Hold on sis. That shipping! Let me be clear, I absolutely love the product; however, the shipping is a flat rate fee of $10. I understand that because they are an eCommerce only business and a small business, they have to charge a shipping rate that will cover shipping the product from the farthest location from where the company is located. Which means, that even if it would cost less to send across the street, that person gets charged the same as sending it clear across the country. I’m ok with that. I will continue to support Whitney and Melanin Haircare.

It’s not just the hype we thought it would be. While I trusted that Whitney would make a bomb product because if it was anything like the DIY Shea butter or Mango butter mixes she had all of the natural girls making, I knew it would be amazing but I couldn’t help but feel that the inevitable reviews of the products from the big name channels would be beholden to her because she is the GOAT of YouTube natural hair channels. Melanin Haircare did its thang with this product combo. If you’re going to order, I advise to order a few of each, get free shipping, and you’ll have a backup for when you run out.



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