Day 3 – Shift Shop – Speed:25

Welcome back to journeytopeacewithme! I woke this morning with the familiar aches and pains of restarting a fitness journey. My legs were sore and heavy, and my biceps are tight and tender to the touch. Nevertheless, I journeyed on and made my way downstairs to the hotel fitness center to begin my morning workout.

This morning’s workout was the same as Monday’s. I do this same regimen Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and switch to arms on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Sunday is the rest day and I am looking forward to it as it is also the rest day for Shift Shop.

I will tell no lies — I struggled this morning but Cardi B. helped get me through and really pumped me up to push through the workout. I know I looked a little funny to the others inside of the facility because I was jammin’ during my rest sessions. You know; sometimes you have to encourage yourself – do what it takes. I rounded this workout with burning 384 active calories/464 total calories after 53:40 minutes of exercises with an average heart rate of 138BPM. I was supposed to jump rope for 10 minutes but since I do not have a jumprope I substituted a 10 minute jog.

After my workout, I went upstairs, showered and dressed for the conference. I packed by bags to return home to reality while thinking to myself, I really pray I get this workout done this evening after getting home late off of the road. I went downstairs to the hotel breakfast and had almost the same breakfast as yesterday. I had a 2 egg omelet with extra spinach, 1 cup pineapple, 1/4 plain oatmeal (with Splenda), 3 pieces of bacon. Lunch was a salad with a 6 oz chicken breast and ranch dressing and a small portion of the corn mix.

Training ended a bit earlier than I thought it would, so I managed to get on the road and get home at a decent hour. I was tired but I had the house all to myself. I knew once my children arrived that they would want all of my attention after not seeing me for a few days; so I didn’t hesitate to change clothes and jump straight into the workout. I have learned over my years of running track that the best way to get over not wanting to workout is to simply start the workout. Your body will get into it and soon enough, your mind will follow, so that’s what I did.

I powered through Speed:25. The workout consists of 15 – 1 minute exercises: jump rope (pretend), skip combo (think skip hops), Ali shuffle (think a boxer shuffling his feet back and forth – or a really fast body run in insanity), quick jack taps (really fast jumping jacks and squat to tap the floor when directed), high knees, bear crawls, lateral slide (basketball drill), mountain climbers, buttkicks, shop hops (think jumping on a pogo stick), fence jumps, burpees, swing jumps (think ski jumps in insanity), catchers crawl (think moving power push ups in insanity), and crab creepers (walking holding the table stance). I completed tonight’s workout in 30:40 minutes and burned 234 active calories (280 total calories) with an average heart rate of 137BPM.

I rounded the night out with eating 7 pieces of sautéed shrimp with 1/4 cup of sesame chicken from the chinese my husband had for lunch. I didn’t have the energy to make dinner and that’s the best I could do. I topped that wonderful dinner off with Bryers Carb Smart Vanilla Bar with Chocolate Coating. I was under my caloric intake allowance for the day; however, my macros were off a little. Maybe tomorrow they will be on point.

Until next time, journey on!!!

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